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Noche de Brujas

With their new CD Noche de Brujas (Witches' Night), to be available at the beginning of 2014, SEXTO is experimenting with a new genre: clubbing, electro pop, house and dance beats. A big challenge for the girls, who want to attract an additional, more international and younger target group. The vocals and melodies were all composed by themselves during an intensive one week's creative session in a small lodge hotel on the island of Cayo las Brujas at the north coast of Cuba. The electronic backgrounds, which came from Miami, Havana and Angola were mixed and finally mastered with deep house bases at the studio of the Berlin house, techno & dance Label SUOL in Germany, where also European top acts in the electronic dance scene, such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, are produced. The CD shows a totally different side of SEXTO SENTIDO. It's release will be supported by up to 7 new music-videos of which one, "Baila Loco", a reguetón featuring SEXTO with the Cuban rapper El Micha and the dancers from Havana Queens, has already been published in advance. The video was nominated for two LUCAS awards and the song is on it's way into the Cuban top 10.

With two videos, "Cada Día" and "Junto a Tí", from their new CD "Brujas" (Witches' Night) SEXTO SENTIDO has applied for competing in the Swiss national selection for the European Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. The Swiss regulations are very tolerant and also open for songs and artists from abroad. It was in 1988, when Canadian singer Celine Dion represented Switzerland in the European Song Contest and finally even won the competition. This year 158 songs and videos are in the race for the Swiss national pre-selection, among them also SEXTO SENTIDO. Swiss people can vote and decide by internet until in November 2013.

Out January 2014
1.- Estamos locos(4:03)
2.- If you love me(3:58)
3.- No me mientas(3:55)
4.- Junto a ti(3:55)
5.- Cada día(3:57)
6.- Sandwich(3:05)
7.- Tanto cambió(3:34)
8.- Brujas (Witches' Night)(3:44)
9.- Lo que es no(3:39)
10.- Na na na eh(4:05)
11.- Baila Loco(3:31)
12.- No me mientas (You can lie to me) - (Extended)(6:01)
13.- Estamos locos (Extended)(6:07)
14.- If you love me (Club mix)(7:34)
15.- Baila Loco (Extended)(4:45)
16.- Na na na eh (Extended)(5:35)
17.- Sandwich (Extended)(4:44)
18.- Brujas (Witches' Night) - (Extended)(5:44)
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