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The Revolution presents Revolution (Compilation)

It was one of the rare occasions for Cuban musicians, when 4 worldwide renowned English, European and American producers came to Cuba for a creative experiment. They intended to go beyond the cliché of Buena Vista Social Club and to combine the music of young Cuban musicians with contemporary house and techno beats. Among the producers were Guy Sigsworth (who had worked with Madonna, Bjoerk and Alanis Morisette), English DJ legend Norman Cook (alias "Fat Boy Slim"), Marius de Vries (Sugar Babes) and Poet Name Life (Black Eyed Peas). Of about 100 Cuban musicians, who were invited for a first introduction to the project, only a few were aware of the potential and stayed, among them SEXTO SENTIDO, who joined in at the last moment. They are now represented with 4 tracks ("Crazy Love", "Cuba Moon", "Siente mi Ritmo", "Dark House Love") on this ground breaking compilation with avant-garde character. It is also a proof for the professional skills of SEXTO (performing for the first time house and dance tracks) and their ability to adapt to any kind of genre, which was also acknowledged by the producers of this CD, which came out 2009 under the British label Rapster/K7 and is available at many important music online shops:

"Sexto Sentido seems to have been the major discovery of the project. We call them "Cuba's Destiny's Child". They light up a room, when they walk in and they sing perfect four-part harmonies live. Although well schooled in Cuban harmonies, they weren't bound by them, coming up with their own R & B influenced melody lines without prompting. It's this kind of interaction the team behind revolution were looking for. Looks like they found it."

(citation from the CD "The Revolution presents Revolution" (2009, Rapster/K7), released in the UK and Europe):

1.- Crazy Love (Track 02)(03:18)
2.- Cuba Moon (Track 03)(03:13)
3.- Siente mi ritmo (Track 05)(05:03)
4.- Dark House Love (Track 09)(05:47)
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