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Mi Feeling

With their CD "Mi Feeling" SEXTO SENTIDO has already made Cuban music history. The artwork has been considered by experts of historical value, because it refers to the Cuban "Feeling" era of the 1960s, which was a kind of Cuban equivalent to the Soul era in the US. The protagonists at that time were performing at special locations e.g. the still existing Pico Blanco Nightclub at the hotel St. Johns, overlooking the rooftops of Havana. In their CD "Mi Feeling" SEXTO SENTIDO made a "relaunch" and new interpretations of songs of the "Feeling" era from renowned Cuban writers and composers (among them Rene Touzet, Marta Valdes and C├ęsar Portillo de la Luz), adding Jazz elements and enriching them with their special vocal skills. After the CD was published in Cuba (Colibri) it won the award for Best Vocal Recording at CUBADISCO 2007 and was also launched by an American label(Ahi Nama) in the US, where it was mentioned in January 2009 by the renowned American LATIN BEAT MAGAZINE as "one of the best Jazz records of the year 2008".

1.- Tú, mi delirio(2:55)
2.- No te vayas(3:42)
3.- Al fin amor(3:11)
4.- En tu voz (4:54)
5.- Canción estudio(2:58)
6.- En nosotros(3:55)
7.- Eres feliz(4:01)
8.- Llora(3:34)
9.- Frágil y mínima(3:18)
10.- Canción difícil(5:02)
11.- Cocodrilo verde(04:30)
12.- No me platiques(02:48)
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