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The Way

`The Way` is SEXTO SENTIDOs most recent CD. For the first time the girls relied only on their own creative skills and included their very own compositions, texts and arrangements, some of them kept like a treasure for years in their private song collection. The CD was recorded in the leading studio of Havana (ABDALA) and mastered in the South of France at the renowned RECALL Studio. It shows the wide spectrum of their music from contemporary Jazz to Bossa Nova, from smooth R & B to the traditional tunes of their home country Cuba, represented by the song and video "Guajiro", which became a countrywide No. 1 hit on the island in 2011. Not to forget their beautiful black and white video "Angry Boy". The CD "The Way" was launched under the girls own Label (Sexto Records) by ZEBRALUTION Germany (a company of the WARNER Music Group). The 16 songs and the 2 videos are available for downloads from September 2011 in all important online music shops worldwide.

September 2011
1.- Angry boy(4:05)
2.- Blue eyes(4:36)
3.- Es la música(0:58)
4.- Music(4:21)
5.- No me mientas(3:59)
6.- En tu cuerpo(4:12)
7.- Summer breeze(4:10)
8.- The Way you make me feel(4:06)
9.- Sexy lips(3:56)
10.- Chisme(4:00)
11.- Nadie como tú(3:05)
12.- Guajiro(3:27)
13.- Crecimos(3:32)
14.- May 11(4:13)
15.- Who R You(5:08)
16.- Interlude Angry Boy(0:55)
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