Casino Monte Carlo 2002, as Cabaret Girls
Cuba Disco Award, Havana 2007

Jazz Plaza Festival, Havana 2004  

1997, with 15 years  

Champions in the ring...  

Paris, Gare de Lyon 2002  

Bansko Jazz Festival, Bulgaria 2006  

Bansko Jazz Festival, Bulgaria 2006  

SEXTO SENTIDO was founded in the year 1997 in Havana, Cuba, by the four 15 year old singers Arlety Valdes, Melvis Estevez (replaced 2010 by Wendy Vizcaina), Eliene Castillo (replaced 2012 by Maria Karla Perez) and Yudelkis Lafuente, all born in 1982. They soon created their very own style. Just  after a few months of performing in the local music scene their name and reputation became a staple in the Cuban music culture. After their first awards at renowned Havana Music Festivals (e.g. JO-JAZZ 2001, CUBADISCO 2007) they became the leading entity of vocal harmony in Cuba. In 2004 they made their first CD ¨Bossa Cubana¨ (Elephant Records), a collection of classic Brazilian songs with Cuban elements. Since then, they are known in whole Cuba due to their frequent presence in Radio and TV.

SEXTO SENTIDO frequently collaborates with worldwide renowned artists of the Cuban and Latin-American music scene, such as Chucho Valdez, who described them as "the creators of the most important vocal work in Cuba in the past 3 decades", Pablo Milanes, Silvio Rodriguez and also with members  of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club (e.g. Omara Portuondo, Amadito Valdes).

SEXTO SENTIDO made their very first international steps as a vocal part of a Cuban Cabaret Show performing at the Casino of Monaco/Monte Carlo (2002). After their first CD “Bossa Cubana” (2004) featuring also famous Brazilian singer Joa Donato, they had several tours with live concerts in Moscow, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Chile, Angola, Mexico, Germany and France. Their talent promptly placed them as one of the preferred groups used at Cuban state functions, representing the young musical spirit of Cuba also at important international events (Latin-American Summit 2007 in Santiago de Chile, World-Aids Congress 2008 in Mexico-City). 2009 they opened the Havana book fair in the presence of Raul Castro und Michelle Bachelet (president of Chile). A few weeks later they were honoured by UNESCO in Havana as cultural ambassadors.

Their 2nd CD ¨Mi Feeling¨ (Colibri) was also released in USA (2008, Ahi Nama) and is still gaining airplay accross important American jazz radio stations. It was voted one of the best jazz records 2008 by the renowned American LATIN BEAT MAGAZINE (Jan. 2009).

A further milestone in their career was “The Revolution Project”, during which they have worked successfully with worldwide renowned, cutting edge music producers like Guy Sigsworth (Bjoerk, Madonna, Alanis Morrisette),  DJ legend Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), Marius de Fries (Sugar Babes) and Poet Name Life (Black Eyed Peas), recording several dancefloor and house tracks (“Crazy Love”, “Cuba Boom”, “Siente mi ritmo” and “Dark House Love”) for the London based studio NDF International:

“Sexto Sentido seems to have been the major discovery of the project. We call them “Cuba’s Destiny’s Child”. They light up a room, when they walk in and they sing perfect four-part harmonies live. Although well schooled in Cuban harmonies, they weren’t bound by them, coming up with their own R & B influenced melody lines without prompting. It’s this kind of interaction the team behind revolution were looking for. Looks like they found it.”

(citation from the CD “The Revolution presents Revolution” (2009, Rapster/K7), released in the UK and  Europe):

In 2009 they participated at the international ITB tourism fair in Berlin, representing Cuba. Besides of their regular gigs at renowned Havana Jazz venues (La Zorra y el Cuervo, Jazz Café, Café Miramar), they also perform often at foreign embassies in Havana and during important events like the Havana Book Fair 2009, the HABANOS Cigar Festival 2009 or “25 years TUI in Cuba” (2010) at the residence of the German ambassador. In addition they also sang on luxury cruise ships such as  the SEACLOUD (2009) and for big international company events (PFIZER and NISSAN incentives).
In October 2010 SEXTO SENTIDO toured the South of France (including concerts at Montpellier and the renowned Jazz Festival in Nimes). They also participated for the first time at WOMEX, the most important fair for world music in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they promoted their new music videos "Guajiro" and "Angry Boy" from their  CD "The Way". Followed by a performance at the famous Stravinsky Auditorium in Montreux (location of the world renowned Montreux Jazz Festival) during the Gala Night of the Swiss TTW Travel Star Awards event, where they were also interviewed and filmed for the program “Glanz und Gloria” by the first Swiss TV channel SF1.

The first song "Guajiro" of their CD "The Way" was released in Cuba already in Summer 2010 as a limited radio and video edition for the Cuban TV. It became immediately the big No. 1 Summer Hit, very popular among families and kids, reaching every corner and village of the island. After the song had won a LUCAS award (the Cuban "Oscar" for music videos) the girls were celebrated during the award ceremony, which was shown countrywide on TV during Christmas prime time. Immediately "Guajiro" went up again to No. 1 on TV and in the Cuban radio charts, now even for 7 weeks in a row (during January/February 2011). The song became so popular that even after more than 50 weeks it was still in the Cuban Top 80 radio charts.

In May/June 2011 SEXTO SENTIDO made a successful tour through Cuba, their "Gira Guajira" lead them through all important Cuban cities and provinces and included also some very remote areas, where the people were waiting since a long time to see them live and therefore gave them a very special and warm welcome.

SEXTO SENTIDO have released their CD "The Way" in September 2011 in Europe and worldwide with the support of ZEBRALUTION, one of the world's leading companies in the field of digital music distribution (and part of the WARNER Music group). The CD is available in all important music online shops. It is the first CD with their very own compositions and arrangements - a big surprise with fresh melodies, new touching international sounds and a very creative variety of different styles. The music video of their English song “Angry Boy” has received several awards in Cuba (LUCAS 2011 and CUBADISCO 2012).

In Summer 2012 the 22 years old Maria Karla Perez joined SEXTO SENTIDO. She is the youngest member and was selected during a casting of more than 80 candidates, which was announced countrywide on TV. She replaced the singer Eliene Castillo, who married and lives now in Europe in the south of France. 

From December 2012 to April 2013 SEXTO SENTIDO were invited with their band for a whole winter season to perform in St. Moritz - „Top of the World“  in the snow-covered mountains of the Swiss Engadin. It‘s the place to be for the winter Ski- and Apres-Ski Jet-Set. Based at the luxury hotel NIRA ALPINA they also had other gigs at leading hotels (BADRUTT PALACE, KEMPINSKI), RETO MATHIS Gourmet Restaurant 2500 m above zero and at various of the famous  „In“ Apres-Ski Nightclubs. It was so far their longest stay abroad and  they  really enjoyed the privilege to be a part of the St. Moritz „Winter-Society“.  They were also filmed spontanously during a rehearsal, singing „Canto a Eleggua“ a prayer to the Afrocuban Santeria God - the video becoming  a masterpiece of their a-capella vocal art. In Zuerich they met the American vocal group Take 6, which has influenced SEXTO SENTIDO since their musical beginnings – a real highlight for the girls, such as the  concerts, which they  had in the South of Germany (among them a VIP birthday in Munich‘s luxury quarter of Bogenhausen) and at the Swiss elite international boarding school Lyceum Alpinum.

In September 2013 SEXTO were invited to Angola and Namibia, representing Cuba during several cultural events and also performing at various locations in the capital of Luanda. During this occasion also some studio recordings were produced with famous angolan artists Dodó Miranda and Yuri da Cunha. They also filmed the music video „Summer Breeze“ with the Angolan TV on a tropical beach in the province of Lubango - a song from SEXTO‘s last CD „The Way“ with backgrounds from the Angolan composer Matheus da Silva.

With their new CD Brujas (Witches‘ Night), to be available at the beginning of 2014, SEXTO is experimenting  with a new genre: clubbing, electro pop, house and dance beats. A big challenge for the girls, who want to attract an additional, more international and younger target group. The vocals and melodies were all composed by themselves during an intensive one week’s creative session in a small lodge hotel on the island of Cayo las Brujas at the north coast of Cuba. The electronic backgrounds, which came from Miami, Havana and Angola  were mixed and finally mastered with deep house bases at the studio of the Berlin house, techno & dance Label SUOL in Germany, where also European top acts in the electronic dance  scene, such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, are produced. The CD shows a totally different side of SEXTO SENTIDO. It’s release will be supported by up to 7 new music-videos of which one, „Baila Loco“, a reguetón featuring SEXTO with the Cuban rapper El Micha and the dancers from Havana Queens, has already been published  in advance. The video was  nominated for two LUCAS awards and the song is on it’s way into the Cuban top 10.

With two videos, „Cada Día“ and „Junto a Tí“, from their new CD „Brujas“ (Witches‘ Night) SEXTO SENTIDO has applied for competing in the Swiss national selection for the European Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. The Swiss regulations are very tolerant and also open for songs and artists from abroad. It was in 1988, when Canadian singer Celine Dion represented Switzerland in the European Song Contest and finally even won the competition. This year 158 songs and videos are in the race for the Swiss national pre-selection, among them also SEXTO SENTIDO. Swiss people can vote and decide by internet until in November 2013.

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