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Click for personal info about Eliene Castillo!! Click for personal info about Melvis S. Estévez!!Click for personal info about Arlety Valdés!!Click for personal info about Yudelkis LaFuente!! "We met each other for the first time at the Elementary School of Music in Havana, when we were 7 years old. All in the same class and all born in the same year 1982..."

In our country we are known as the "the leading vocal girls group". Since our childhood we are singing together. We have won several important music awards and recently we had our first No. 1 hit in the national radio and TV.

Where we live, people are listening to Salsa, Son and Reggeton and they are singing in Spanish, something which is natural for us, because we have it in our blood. But since our beginnings we went far beyond...

We do smooth R&B and Jazz, Pop and Bossa Nova, even Hip Hop, House and Dance. We also sing in English because we like the fusion of international styles and the combination with elements of our local music.

Our new and 3rd CD, "The Way" (September 2011) is based on our own compositions, texts and arrangements. Enjoy some of the songs on this website and do not miss our new videos "Angry Boy" and "Guajiro", which offer you insights in the wide spectrum of our music...

Not to forget our band, which accompanies us during concerts and all live performances. Our 6 young musicians are among the top class in our country.

But let's also hear, what other people say about us, for example Glyn Phillips from www.worldmusic.co.uk in England. It seems like he fell in love with us, when he saw us at our "improvised" live concert during WOMEX World Music Fair 2010 in Copenhagen:

"The most sublime contemporary soul and RnB, rich harmonies, jazzy licks, funky drums and bass and lyrics delivered perfectly in English as well as Spanish."

"Their voices are pitch perfect, smooth as butter, rich as chocolate, and as for the harmonies ..."

"Trust me, these ladies are special. Very special indeed."

"You see, it's not about "World Music"; it's about World Class Music. And Sexto Sentido are world class."

(Don't miss the full and exciting story by at www.worldmusic.co.uk)

Yudelkis Lafuente
Born 06.09.1982 (Virgin) in Havana.  She characterizes herself as “sensible, introverted and critic”. Her passion is Jazz, Bossa Nova, R&B, Soul and Cuban Music. In her free time she likes going to the movies, playing games, learning french or watching her favourite sports (athletics and baseball). She loves eating out, enjoying a good “Picadillo” or a nice “Pasta” and occasionally a German “Jägermeister”. Due to her passion for the Bossa Nova, it’s her dream to travel once through Brazil, may be in a nice, comfortable BMW….  The man of her dreams? “Intelligent, sensible, tender and …a good lover”!    


Arlety Valdés
Born 16.06.1982 (Geminis) in Havana. Describes herself as “being different personalities at the same time”. Doesn’t like monotony and “always needs change”.  She loves R&B, Soul, Jazz, Salsa, Timba and Bossa Nova. Her favourite music and filmstars are Michael Jackson, Tony Braxton and Meryl Streep. She enjoys travelling through her home country and has a special faible for Thai food. In her free time she dedicates herself to fitness, athletics and jogging. Arlety really adores Switzerland, where she has been several times. But she would also like to travel to Hawai. She is fascinated by ice-figure skating and enjoys watching basketball. Favourite writers: Paulo Coelho, Jose Marti. The man of her dreams? No comment…  

Eliene Castillo
Born 06.07.1982 (Cancer) in Havana. She describes herself as “spontaneous, adventurous, seductive”. Favourite music: Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Cuban Salsa. She likes the movie “Pretty Woman” and the actors Denzel Washington and Merryl Streep. In her free time she  goes  dancing and to the cinema. She is also  a passionate cook, who loves to eat “very spicy”. Her favourite sports are volleyball and watching athletics. After several journeys to Europe, she has fallen in love with the South of France. The man of her dreams: “sensible, hot, “ardiente”, tender, protecting, family orientated, who likes children.”     


Melvis S. Estévez
Born 01.11.1982 (Scorpion) in Havana. Sees herself as “curious, (always wants to know the reasons and the “whys”), “alegre”,  in good mood and positive minded”. Jazz and Fusion are her big passion. She loves literature (Stephen King, Coelho, Marquez, Borges and Eliseo Diego), modern dancing, volleyball and she adores French Cuisine. The Man of her dreams: “clever, elegant, quiet, “mirada” (speaking with the eyes).

Melvis participated in the CD “The Way”, but is no longer with SEXTO SENTIDO. For her, Wendy Vizcaino (21), joined the group recently as a new singer.

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